Available Devices


Full-width, a high-impact rich media ad unit that runs cross-device.


Brand Support

  • All People Quilt
  • Allrecipes
  • Best Life
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Cooking Light
  • Daily Paws
  • Eat This, Not That
  • Eating Well
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Food & Wine
  • Health
  • Hello Giggles
  • InStyle
  • Martha Stewart
  • Midwest Living
  • MyRecipes
  • MyWedding
  • Parents
  • People
  • People en Espanol
  • Real Simple
  • Ser Padres
  • Shape
  • Siempre Mujer
  • Southern Living
  • Successful Farming
  • Travel + Leisure

Rich Media Capabilities

  • 360° View
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Inline Video
  • Multiple Panels
  • Pannable
  • Quiz
  • Shop the Look
  • Swipe + Reveal
  • Swipeable Gallery
  • The Pulse
  • Twitter Feed
  • Weather (Creative Relevancy)


Initial Load


Max. Number of Initial Load File Requests




User Initiated Download


Max. CPU Load



File Types Accepted

1920x480 max px dimensions (displays at 4:1 aspect ratio)

Full Banner Video Assets

Desktop/Tablet: .mov or.mp4 - 3MB max file size - 4:1 aspect ratio - 1920x480 max dimensions

Assets Due

5 days


We do NOT accept Site Served HTML5 for sponsorships.


Max Expanded Dimensions / Direction
Animation Guidelines
  • Animation is recommended to be part of subload.
  • JavaScript used for animation must be executed as asynchronous load and CSS used must be inline.
  • User action is not required to play the animation.
  • Animation is recommended to start when the ad is within view.
  • Flashing, high contrast, fast-moving, and bright color animation are not allowed.


1x1 Pixel Impression Trackers Accepted
3rd Party JS Trackers Accepted?

Yes, however not to be used for e.g. GroupM or 3rd party video viewability campaigns as we can only use internal tracking on the video

3rd Party Click Trackers Accepted?

Yes - If drive to client site

No – if drive internally

3rd Party Creative Tags Accepted?

Audio & Video

Video Formats Accepted

Hosted: .mov, .mp4

In-banner Video Requirements
  • Must have 50% of pixels in view before video play starts.
  • Autoplay video ads must automatically pause/stop when 50% or more of the ad pixels are no longer in view of the user.
  • Required Controls: Play, Pause, Rewind, Volume
  • File quality: Recommended 24 fps minimum
  • Both :06 and :15 video files are accepted

User-Initiated on click

Additional Notes

All creative assets must be delivered over HTTPS.

Must include IBA self-regulation controls (Ad Choices logo) for ads using behavioral targeting.

Maximum of 1 per user per site per day.

No vertical scrolling is allowed within the creative as this causes conflict and user experience issues (please note for PHARMA in particular); the horizontal scroll is still allowed (e.g. carousels, galleries, etc).

Assets required for Standard Halo: .psd file

Desktop/Tablet dimensions: 1920x480

In-Banner Video specs: Max 3MB

Assets required for Halo with full-bleed video option:

Full-Bleed Video: Max 3MB

Desktop/Tablet video dimensions: 1920x480

Non-Full Banner Video Halo Assets

Desktop/Tablet: .mov or.mp4 - 3MB max file size - 16:9 aspect ratio w/PSD or similar creative files - 1920x480 max dimensions

Mobile: .mov or.mp4 - 3MB max file size - 1:1 aspect ratio or 16:9 w/PSD or similar creative files - 768x768 max dimensions

Note: 16:9 is the most common video aspect ratio, but any ratio can be used.