Mid-Roll OTTimage

Mid-Roll OTT


Available Devices


Run advertiser or custom content video within a mid-roll slot across Meredith’s OTT channels.


Brand Support

  • People


Initial Load
Max. Number of Initial Load File Requests
User Initiated Download
Max. CPU Load


File Types Accepted

1920x1080 (preferred) and / or 1280x720

Assets Due

To ensure video files are properly transcoded and tested for SSAI, Meredith requires ads to be delivered at least one week prior to the start of an ad campaign.


Max Expanded Dimensions / Direction
Animation Guidelines


1x1 Pixel Impression Trackers Accepted
3rd Party JS Trackers Accepted?
3rd Party Click Trackers Accepted?
3rd Party Creative Tags Accepted?

Audio & Video

Video Formats Accepted

NO VPAID tags for OTT; please request VAST

In-banner Video Requirements

Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz as per source material

Audio Codec: AAC Audio Bitrate:128

Additional Notes

  • Duration: 30 secs max
  • Bitrate: 8mbps for 1080, 5mbps for 720p
  • Cannot site-serve on OTT (no site-served videos)
  • OTT Platforms (Roku, Apple TV, Pluto, etc)
  • PEN uses SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) to stitch ads seamlessly into content for a TV-quality viewing experience.
  • Up to 5 video progression tracking URLs can be provided.
  • 3rd party tracking URLs can be provided to the start, 25%, 50%, 75% and endpoints of a video. Only secure pixels accepted.
  • Targeting capabilities for launch:
    • Franchise (frnch= key/value)
    • content source (iu=/3865/pen/enw_video_bc, iu=3865/pen/peo_video_bc)
    • device (device= key/value)
    • day/time
    • frequency capping
    • geotargeting
    • competitive separation
    • ad podding
    • NO viewability tracking
    • NO Audience targeting